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Friday 17 March 2017

5 Songs I’m Loving Right Now

As I write this, large parts of the world are enjoying the start of Spring. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, sun shining! Here in Boston however, we are still deep in the throes of winter, having just emerged from yet another massive snowstorm. I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately, so I thought it would be good idea to share some of these tunes; to either complement your joyful springtime vibes or to help you combat the lingering winter blues.

First up:
Leave Me Alone - Calypso Rose ft. Manu Chao (Kubiyashi Remix ft. Machel Montano)

This energetic new installation from the queen of Calypso herself, the indomitable Calypso Rose, has taken the Carnival 2017 season by storm. The living legend joined forces with “King of Soca”, Machel Montano and Franco-Spanish musician Mano Chao to produce an exhilarating song, full of the vibrant pulsating rhythms for which the genre is known.

The institution of Carnival has come under scrutiny in recent months, given the sexual harassment of women during parades and the wider discussion regarding violence against women in the Caribbean. “Leave Me Alone” has come at the right time, emerging as an anthem for women who just want to have a great time and celebrate the effervescence of Caribbean culture in peace.

“Leave Me Alone” has old school calypso vibes, new school swagger and an international dimension that makes it both familiar to soca junkies and a perfect introduction for Caribbean Carnival newbies. Manu Chao’s gentle guitar and subtle Spanish inflections complement the exuberance of Rose and Montano; culminating in a song that is at once comforting, fun and ultimately thrilling – the true spirit of Carnival!

The Let Out – Jidenna ft. Nana Kwabena

A single from Jidenna’s highly anticipated debut studio album, The Chief; “The Let Out” is the perfect song to blast with your friends before a wild night out. While the song focuses on those after hours as nightclubs and pubs begin to close, the infectious beat on “The Let Out” is just the thing to get your night started on the right note. Definitely, add it to your Friday night playlist to take your weekend to the next level!

Gyal You a Party Animal (Remix) – Charly Black ft. Daddy Yankee

In that same vein of fun, excitement and good vibes comes the remix to Charly Black’s “Gyal You a Party Animal”, featuring Daddy Yankee. This fusion of dancehall and reggaetón is an excellent hybrid from two cultures who certainly know how to throw a party. With the sunshine and spice of the tropics dripping in every note, this is the ideal song to banish your winter blues and get you excited for warmer times ahead! Similar to the popularity of the original in 2016, the remix to “Gyal You a Party Animal” is sure to be a summertime success.

Shape of You (Remix) – Ed Sheeran ft. Stormzy

It’s safe to say that the budding bromance between Ed Sheeran and Stormzy is one of the loveliest things we’ve seen so far in 2017. Their interviews make for great banter and their vastly disparate styles of music complement one another beautifully to create smash hits and thrilling performances.

With so much negativity in the world and the exaltation of celebrity feuds in pop culture, it’s refreshing to see people just having fun, building friendships and creating quality music.

Chantaje – Shakira ft. Maluma

International superstar Shakira released “Chantaje” with Colombian countryman, Maluma in October 2016; and I still cannot get enough of it this year. “Chantaje”, which translates to “Blackmail” in English is a tantalizing tug of war between Shakira and Maluma. Ultimately, she remains in control as he croons “Yo soy masoquista”, unable to break Shakira’s spell over him. Taking the number one spot on the Hot Latin Songs chart in The United States, the song is sexy, sultry club banger with massive international crossover potential akin to that seen with “La Tortura” in 2005. However, if you prefer more traditional Latin rhythms, Shakira also released a salsa version of “Chantaje” in February 2017.

From Shakira to the return of Calypso Rose and new creations from Ed Sheeran, there are several great releases sure to keep me dancing well into the summer time!

How about you, what have you been listening to lately? I love discovering new music, so feel free to let me know some of your favourites in the Comments Section.


  1. Thanks for this! I'd been wondering where to start listening to Jidenna post-"Classic Man"/ "Yoga" now that he seems to be gaining popularity on Twitter again. And yaaas soca sample platter! Always welcome.

    1. Thanks Gennui! So glad you like the post. Jidenna has a new album out called "The Chief" and a lot of people have been talking about the single "Bambi", but I think the let out "The Let Out" deserves way more attention than it's been receiving. And I'm a huge soca/calypso fan, so I'm thrilled you like it to :)

      - Mwahaki
      Mwahaki King || It's a King Thing

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