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Saturday 16 April 2016


Hello there! Welcome to Mwahaki King's little slice of the Internet. Here's a bit about the woman behind the blog:

Mwahaki King is a lifestyle blogger who spent her childhood in the United Kingdom before moving to her mother’s home country of Jamaica for high school. She later relocated to America for university and work; and is now currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. In between that, she spent six months living in the Middle East during the Arab Spring. All of these places have left an indelible mark on her; shaping her culinary, musical, and literary interests. 

The world can be a troubling place and this blog is a space to share some of the things that brighten hers. Mwahaki has named the space, “It’s a King Thing”; and she is eager to share her thoughts on her favourite foods, albums, books and much more with YOU!

Feel free to look around :)

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